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About Pho Street at Night Market

Pho Street Restaurant at Night Market

Pho Street Restaurant at Night Market

Pho Street at Night market offers authentic pho and Vietnamese street food. Proving the wonderful benefit of being a family-run business, Pho Street utilise special home recipes, which combine traditional tastes with slightly newfound flavours to have each customer both satisfied and, of course, smiling! Because as their motto goes, 'Live, laugh and eat Pho!'.

So, what's on the menu? At Pho Street restaurant, popular menu items include the renowned Beef Noodle Soup, which is one of the world's most famous Vietnamese dishes, Chicken Pho, Rice Vermicelli Noodles, Rice Dishes, Rice Paper Rolls, Stir-Fry, Crisp Pork Belly, Special Fried Rice and so much more. And for the essential pick-me-up, try something different with a cup of Vietnamese coffee - served nice and strong.

About Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese food is up there with one of our favourite cuisines in the world.

Vietnamese food is best described as fresh, herby, flavourful and 80% rice noodles. Everything (almost everything) involves noodles and everything is fresh with an array of flavours from sweet to salty to spicy.

The fresh herbs of mint, cilantro and lemongrass are what Vietnamese dishes thrive of,  as well as the use of rice in all forms (sticky, steamed, noodles). Tropical fresh fruits (jackfruit, papaya, mango, bananas) are found in many different forms and of course, meat, with seafood and pork being the most consumed. A typical Vietnamese meal will include one, if not all of the above in one dish.

1/ Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls)

1/ Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls)

Have you ever tried our incredibly fresh spring rolls stuffed with greens, prawn and sliced pork belly? 

Also known as a “summer roll” or fresh spring roll. These were our go-to on so many hot days in Vietnam. They can change in flavour and size but the foundation is always the same. Rice paper dipped in hot water and filled with a variety of herbs & vegetables (carrot, lettuce, cucumbers). The vegetarian version often uses tofu, but shrimp and pork are the most popular.

The Spring Roll Skin is directly imported from Vietnam, hence you can experience authentic Vietnamese taste. Don’t forget to use the dipping sauces, either a peanut sauce or the all too famous Nuoc Cham (fish sauce).

Opt for this dish if you want something light and refreshing! 

News By Pho Street at Night Market

At Pho Street Restaurant, we bring you an authentic street food experience!

At Pho Street Restaurant, we bring you an authentic street food experience!

By Pho Street at Night Market

24 Oct 2017

Vietnam, a small country has such an amazing culinary culture. Street food is so embedded in the culture, such a part of daily life, as Vietnam.

Vietnamese street food has become so well known that CNNgo praises Vietnam as the heaven of food and Travel Jounal Lovelyplanet lists Vietnam as one of 10 culinary tours most worth-trying in the world.
We love to share our culture, and street food is a great place to experience it. You don't need to take an airplane for your Vietnamese street food craze.

At Pho Street Restaurant, we bring you an authentic street food experience! We put hard work into our food and spend hours creating the different components of the dishes, from sauces to toppings. We’re proud of our food & our culture!

Rise and Shine with Pho Street’s New Breakfast Menu! Grand Opening Special!

Rise and Shine with Pho Street’s New Breakfast Menu! Grand Opening Special!

By Pho Street at Night Market

02 Jun 2017

Hey early risers, there's a new breakfast option in town. As of next week, Pho Street at Night Market adds an early shift to its hours with its new Vietnamese breakfast.

Start your day bright and early with delicious Vietnamese bread rolls "Banh Mi" and Vietnamese iced/hot coffee "Ca Phe Sua Da"!

In order to introduce you to our amazing breakfast menu, we are offering a Grand Opening Special!

A special combo of all kinds of bread rolls and coffee is only for $10!

Our new breakfast menu:
Vietnamese bread roll
Bacon n Egg roll
Omelette n Vegies Roll
BBQ pork n Vegies Roll
Meatballs n Vegies Roll
Chicken avocado Rol
Toast sandwich
Ham cheese
Ham cheese tomato
Tomato cheese
Chicken avocado
Chilli Beef Noddle Soup
Beef Noddle Soup (Pho)

This offer is valid from 5/6/17-11/6-17.

Open 7 days for breakfast, from 6am-10am.

Stall 15 Night Market
54/60 Abbott St, Cairns QLD 4870

Pho Street at Night Market Reviews


2 Daniel Stacey

Great menu selection for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food and prices speak for themselves. Totally in love with the Meat Ball Vietnamese Bread Rolls & Vietnamese Iced Coffee! Must try!!


3 Jason Muller

I was sent here after a local saw me desperately searching for a Vietnamese restaurant in Cairns. He told me this was one of the best Asian restaurants (and that's why all the locals come here) and he was right! The waiter war very friendly and my food was served very fast. The price was low and the food was amazing! After dinner, I can walk around the night market which was very fun & lots of things to see & do. I think the restaurant has the best location too! If you are at Night market, why dont give it a try?

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Hours: 6:00AM - 11:00PM

Stall 15 Night Market
54/60 Abbott St
QLD 4870

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