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Experience the adventure of snorkelling, diving and sailing on our Great Barrier Reef Tours. The 25 metre high performance catamaran sails daily from Cairns to two unique outer reef locations, where you can dive and snorkel with turtles, colourf... More
Experience the adventure of snorkelling, diving and sailing on our Great Barrier Reef Tours. The 25 metre high performance catamaran sails daily from Cairns to two unique outer reef locations, where you can dive and snorkel with turtles, colourful fish and see an amazing variety of corals.

Enjoy a personalised day on the Great Barrier Reef with a friendly crew dedicated to making your trip memorable and a local operator whose environmental credentials and attention to detail have earned many awards including the Australian Tourism Award for Adventure.

Our passion for showing guests the adventurous nature of the Great Barrier Reef has helped us win many awards including the Australian Tourism Award for Adventure Tourism. Come and join us on a fun and unforgettable day on our Great Barrier Reef.

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Cairns locals have been very kind to us through word of mouth, by referring friends and family to come along and experience Passions of Paradise. We want more Cairns locals to come and experience the wonder in our backyard.

Don't forget your... More
Cairns locals have been very kind to us through word of mouth, by referring friends and family to come along and experience Passions of Paradise. We want more Cairns locals to come and experience the wonder in our backyard.

Don't forget your local ID!

Passions of Paradise operates daily from Cairns to Michaelmas Cay and Paradise Reef, departing at 8 am and arriving back at around 5 pm.

What's Included

• A stylish, fast and modern catamaran, taking you to the best reefs
• Great crew
• Air conditioned saloon
• A dedicated snorkeling instructor and FREE tuition for those who want to learn to snorkel
• A tropical buffet lunch of hot and cold dishes including prawns and fresh tropical fruit. Our lunch is fresh, chef prepared on the boat, and tasty.
• Highest quality masks, snorkels, fins and scuba diving equipment.
Two unique destinations: Michaelmas Cay and Paradise Reef (weather permitting) • Exclusive mooring at Paradise Reef (no crowds)
• Free flotation vests to aid non swimmers
• Free guided snorkel tour
• Morning tea which includes fresh brewed coffee and muffins
• Cheese platter for afternoon tea
• An on-board marine naturalist presentation on coral and bird life
• 10 minute FREE SCUBA diving demonstration
• High caliber sailing. Passions of Paradise will always find time to turn their engines off and do some genuine sailing on the way home to Cairns.
• Staff trained to Advanced ECO Certification Standard

Optional Extras
• Introductory and certified scuba diving
• Glass bottom boat tour
• Wetsuits and sun suits
• Underwater digital camera hire
• Prescription masks (be sure to let our office know in advance, so we can match your needs)
• T-shirts, assorted quality beers, wine and soft drinks.

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About Passions of Paradise

Great Barrier Reef Sailing

Great Barrier Reef Sailing

Passions of Paradise II is a brand new 25-metre maxi-catamaran designed to travel to the Great Barrier Reef in comfort, style and speed. Outfitted with the latest cutting edge technology, Passions of Paradise II has awesome sailing capabilities, and in the right conditions is faster than most powered vessels.

Passions of Paradise was a 'winner of excellence' at the 2007 Queensland Tourism Awards. 

Travelling on a daily basis to two fantastic destinations, Passions will choose from over 24 superior outer reef locations ensuring that each day is tailored to weather conditions.


What makes it great

What makes it great

• Entertaining and attentive crew
• Spacious & comfortable newly built vessel (in March 2017)
• Two unique reef locations chsoen from our selcetion of over 24 pristine destinations
• Easy snorkelling for 'first timers' including complimentary snorkel tours
• Chef prepared buffet lunch including prawns
• A great sailing experience, no motor noise!


Pristine Reef

Pristine Reef

Passions of Paradise have access to over 24 outer reef destinations. This means that we can tailor each days itinerary to suit the weather conditions. Our skipper can choose from our Northern reef sites on Hastings or Norman reef or we can travel south towards argueably some of Cairns' best reef options at Flynn and Milne reefs!

Intro diving

Intro diving

Intro diving is safe, fun, easy and the best way to see the Great Barrier Reef. No experience is necessary, and you don't even have to be able to swim. You will be given a full on-deck briefing, shown how the equipment works and in small groups of no more than 4 divers, be led on a diving instructor controlled dive. A medical questionnaire is required.


Certified Scuba Divers

Certified Scuba Divers

Our outer reef locations are perfect for certified divers! With awesome swims throughs and drifts dives our locations are pristine and our crew are on hand to offer complimentary guided dives!


Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

For those passengers who wish to see the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and not get wet, Passions offers a 30 minute glass bottom tour with a Marine Naturalist (extra cost).

Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch are all included. Lunch consists of a huge chef prepared tropical smorgasbord including two hot dishes, a full range of cold meats, salads and fresh tropical fruit as well as fresh bread rolls.

On the way home with the sails up, chill out, sample some refreshments from the fully stocked bar and soak up the atmosphere.

Departures are from the Marlin Jetty in Cairns; check in is at the Reef Fleet Terminal at the end of Spence Street.

The trip returns to Cairns at 5pm.


Sunset and Night Cruise Charter

Sunset and Night Cruise Charter

Passions of Paradise II is also available for sunset and night cruise charters. The boat is ideally set up for calm water cruising on Trinity Inlet, and viewing the night lights of Cairns and the surrounding rainforest clad mountains.


News By Passions of Paradise

Passions III launched

Passions III launched

By Passions of Paradise

05 Apr 2017

New diving and snorkelling sites will be accessible on the Great Barrier Reef with the launch of Passions III in Cairns this month. Passions of Paradise has unveiled its 25m reef vessel which was designed and built over three years to be one of the fastest commercial sailing catamarans in Australia. Chief Executive Officer Scotty Garden said Passions III would cruise at 15 knots, with a maximum speed of 19 knots allowing it to access two of the Cairns company’s 25 outer Great Barrier Reef moorings on a day trip.

5 More New Tips for Certified Divers

By Passions of Paradise

01 Jun 2016

In our last blog, we talked about some strategies to maximize your good time when you go diving. Whether you are a beginning diver or full of experience, these tips will not only increase your safety out at the reef, but also make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. So in this post, we’ve added some additional information to help you stay safe and get the most out of your dive trips.

1. Learn How to Use a Safety Sausage. While laws vary from location to location regarding carrying a Surface Marker Buoy, it is a good habit to carry one in your BCD. Safety Sausages, as they are more popularly known, are valuable for marking your location should you find yourself drifting away from your dive boat and need a pickup; most safety sausages are over a metre long and can be seen from up to 2 kilometres away. They are also essential if you are drift diving and will require a boat pickup at the end of your dive. To that end, you may want to invest in a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy. A Delayed SMB is one that is deployed at depth, rather than at the surface, and are essential in areas subject to high boat traffic (the last thing you want to do is surface in front of an oncoming vessel. Delayed SMBs also allow a boat to track you if you’re doing a drift dive or get caught in a current.

2. Don’t Touch the Wildlife. A recurring theme in diving is an appreciation for the marine ecosystem and the underwater environment. Yet everywhere you go, there is inevitably one or two divers in a group that insist on touching everything, or that don’t have their buoyancy under control and smash into the coral; the popularity of selfie photos and small handheld underwater cameras like GoPros have only encouraged and increased this behaviour. When diving with a group, keep you hands close to your body. If you are observing something interesting, wait your turn, and slowly swim up to it. Most of all, tempting though it is, don’t take anything–shells, pieces of coral, all of these are vital parts of the marine ecosystem.

3. Dive Boat Etiquette.

-Arrive on time, if not early. Dive boats are usually set to a meticulous schedule, and waiting for one person can throw a whole day trip off for everyone.

-Don’t load the boat until told do do so by a skipper or crew member. Many Dive boat crews arrive early to set up the vessel, and gawking tourists can get in the way of vital jobs.

-Listen to the safety briefing. From what to do in an Abandon Ship scenario to toilets to whether or not you can smoke, listening to the briefing is vital so you can be safe on the boat with your fellow passengers.

-Assemble gear before reaching the dive location- No one wants to sit on a rocking boat for long so make sure you are geared up and ready to take your turn on the dive platform.

-Don’t Compete with other Divers on the boat- One of the most annoying between dive situation is divers bragging about how much air they have left after a dive, and comparing it with other divers’ tank pressures. No one cares. Try to keep the posturing and bragging to a minimum, and be polite and respectful to other divers.

4. Tip the Crew and Captain. They work hard for the love of the sport not for the monetary value they receive. There is a lot safety responsibility they take upon themselves, and training they maintain to make the trip as safe as possible. Remember that and try not to tip based on what you didn’t see but on the service you received.

5. Dive Dive Dive! Most important rule is to get some dives in. The more you dive, the better your air consumption will be, you will have better buoyancy, more experience with a variety of diving situations and other divers, and most of all you will have great stories to share when interacting with other divers on your boat.


Passions of Paradise Reviews


0 Adam Long

An absolutely fantastic experience. With so many tours to choose from I'm very pleased that a friend of mine recommended this tour. The crew are wonderful, very helpful and considerate and genuinely want to make the experience as brilliant as possible. The locations were great, the food was wonderful and the instructors were knowledgeable and dispensed the information without any ego. Considering what's happening to the barrier reef the Eco side of the company is forward thinking and considerate of the wonderful site. Would recommend to anyone!


0 Emily Plummer

If you are looking for a day trip to the great barrier reef, these are your guys! Had such an awesome day out on passions of paradise, crew were awesome, so friendly and professional, great at what they do! Was Very looked after! Diving/ snorkelling was amazing, great food and even lucky enough to see some dolphins on the way home! Can't recommend these guys enough :)


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