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The Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival is four days of fun, fashion, glamour, food and entertainment built around two days of horse racing in Cairns in early September each year.

58 years on, the Cairns Amateurs is now complemented by a host of social activities, some formal and some very informal including a number of Members-only and corporate functions as well as events and areas for the general public on both race days and is one of the top things to do in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

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By The Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival

07 Oct 2016

After another stellar carnival the 2016 Carlton Mid Cairns Amateurs has closed with planning already underway for next year’s 59th anniversary event that will be held slightly earlier than tradition dictates on 1 and 2 September 2017.

CEO of Cairns Amateurs Graham Thornton said he was thrilled with the wrap up to this year’s carnival that raised the bar yet again with a series of improvements and upgrades culminating in an attendance of over 18,000 people over the two day race meeting.

“Cairns Amateurs Carnival is an event our community is proud of and one, that despite it almost 60 year history, remains viable in terms of providing a great weekend, drawing visitors to the region and positively impacting the economy and creating a flood of visitor nights,” he said.

According to Mr Thornton, Cairns Amateurs enduring success as an event that brings city and country together over three action, packed days, is not by chance but a strategic, concerted effort by the committee and stakeholders.

“Packaging and marketing our event has become serious business and this year’s introduction of our new “Racing on the Great Barrier Reef” underpins the valuable connection of our destination and its natural heritage which is an initiative wholly supported by our regional and state tourism bodies – Tourism Tropical North Queensland and Tourism and Events Queensland.”

The new days for Cairns Amateurs Carnival on 1 and 2 September, 2017 have been announced to make way for the 2017 Cairns UCI World-Championships – a five day mountain biking event that will run between 5 and 10 September.

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