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Travellers Autobarn

As a proud and well established Australian campervan company, Travellers Autobarn (est. 1993) is a ‘one stop shop’ for the backpackers and budget travellers planning their self drive trip around Australia or simply up the coast in a campervan. We offer a range of station wagons and campervans for hi...

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Nova Car Hire

Car hire Australia from Nova at great value rates. Wide location choice with immediate confirmation on all bookings.

Spaceships Campervan Hire Cairns

Spaceships are custom designed, award-winning, vehicles. They drive like a good car to drive with more features than a campervan. Our campervans are available for hire from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. A Spaceships camper is versatile, compact, fun, fuel-efficient and backed up by the fri...

Self Drive RV

Great deals on RV (recreational vehicles such as 4WDs, motorhomes and campervans) Rentals in Australia, New Zealand and USA. If you are looking to have an independent holiday, Self Drive RV has the right vehicles to get you on your way! Self Drive RV understands the importance of driving your dolla...

Hippie Camper

Hippie Camper

Hippie Camper offers amazing campervan & car rentals at superb rates throughout Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.Enjoy Australias outdoor lifestyle with the ultimate campervan, equipped with everything you need for a perfect trip.Stand out from the crowd with your Hippie Camper, featuring an e...

All Day Car Rentals

All Day Car Rentals

All Day Car Rentals offers Cairns car rental at an affordable price. Starting at just $35/day and with FREE hotel transfers and Cairns Airport pickups, All Day Car Rentals in Cairns Australia is the perfect choice for all your car hire needs. See our range of cars, campervans/motorhomes, 4WD, conve...

Cruisin Motorhomes

Cruisin’ Motorhomes is an expert travel business with a personal touch and years of experience. We are a home-grown hire company offering a range of fully-equipped campervans and motorhomes – the ideal vehicles for self-driven adventures across Australia.

Camperman Australia

Camperman Australia

Explore Australia in your well maintained and fully serviced campervan. The price is right and the campervans come fully equipped and self-contained for your self-drive holiday experience. Camperman Australia is an East Coast based campervan hire company with a depot network including Cairns, Tow...


$1/day Road Trips

Travel the world in relocation rentals from $1 a day. RV, camper & car rental companies sell relocation rentals through as a way to save money on paying drivers and trucking vehicles. This is your opportunity to road trip for just $1/day. See more about how it works at

Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Apollo Motorhome Holidays offer a wide range of quality rental vehicles throughout Australia and New Zealand. Choose from a popular campervan, spacious motorhome, rugged four-wheel drive vehicle or economical rental car. You can collect and return these vehicles from any of the ten major branches th...

Maui Motorhomes

Maui Motorhomes is part of Australasia's largest campervan company. Designed for apartment living on the road, Maui Motorhomes provide you the room to live with style and comfort.Maui has a campervan for even the most discerning traveller: The Platinum series offers ultimate space and design touche...

Calypso Campervan Rentals

Travelling in a Calypso Campervans is a great way to see Australia.You can travel at your own pace - Where you like and when you like. Starting and finishing your journey from any of our 7 Depots/Agents throughout Australia, whether one-way or return hire.The people you deal with at Calypso Camperva...

Car Rental Buddy

Car Rental Buddy

Welcome to Car Rental Buddy where you can compare, book, and save on all your car hire needs from a choice of over 380 locations Australia wide. Our easy, secure, and convenient 24/7 online rental booking service provides you with the best available deals from a wide range of major and independent...

Fantastic one way relocation deals for cars and campervans from just $1/day.

Jucy Rentals

Jucy Rentals

A Jucy Cairns campervan rental experience travelling around the tropical haven of Cairns will leave you flushed with excitement and craving for more. A Jucy campervan provides you with all comforts of home and lets you travel in style. To top it, you are not going to spend anywhere near what you wou...

Captain Billy's Cape York 4WD Hire

Captain Billy's Cape York 4WD Hire

Captain Billy's 4WD Hire - located in Cairns and offer what they consider the most suitable and safest 4WD hire vehicles and Accessories for the extreme off-road conditions you'll encounter during your exciting Cape York self-drive discovery! The friendly, knowledgeable team at Captain Billy's Cape...

Travelwheels Campervans

Travelwheels Campervans

TRAVELWHEELS CAMPERVANS AND CAR RENTALS & SALES AUSTRALIA WIDE Travelwheels Campervans is a camper van and car rental & sales company in Australia. We provide low cost and high quality vehicles designed for the needs of backpackers and tourists in Down Under. Travelwheels vehicles are fully air-co...

About Campervans & Motorhomes For Cairns

North Queensland has some beautiful drives and excellent camping spots in National Parks as well as camping parks. 

Prepare an interesting self-drive itinerary and travel at your own pace along coastal drives, rainforested roads, Aussie bush and sandy plains. 

Allow yourself the time to be flexible and enjoy relaxing holiday where you can stay a little longer in out of the way places such as the Undarra Lava Tubes, Chillagoe and the Chillagoe caves, Etty Bay and Cooktown.  In these remote areas you can experience and explore Rock Art and unusual geological wonders and also learn about the history of our region.

We also have local rodeos and local shows that may be of interest to some travellers.  We also have many roadside vegetable farmers on the Tablelands and in the Innisfail region.  

Here in Cairns we have one of the most famous caravan parks in Australia. The Cairns Coconut Caravan Resort is very popular for families and has won the best caravan park in Australia for about 3 years running. We also receive great feedback on this park from clients who are booking the Cape York safari and they can leave their campervan at the park for no cost if they stay either side of the safari at the park. The only drawback with this park is it is a 12 minute drive from the city.

However tempting it may be to have a beautiful view of the sea from your mobile little house house on wheels in Cairns city it is illegal for campervans to camp on the esplanade, in car parks and in all public parks and gardens.

However we do have many beautiful camping grounds in and around the city. It is a great idea to pre book your spot as the best ones are very very busy especially in the high season between May and November.

North Queensland also has some beautiful National Parks and camping is permitted in many of these. Where camping is permitted, camping permits are generally required. For more information please contact the Environmental Protection Agency for more information about these permits.

Sometimes permits are available at the checkin at the actual National Park camping area itself. The rangers visit these at least daily in most cases.

Facilities vary and in many of the parks, campers will need to be completely self sufficient.

DRIVE CAREFULLY: Many of the roads going into a National Park are dirt and sometimes sand. You will need to drive with caution and if you are driving a motorhome or campervan you will need to make sure you are legally allowed to drive it in these conditions as sometimes you may need a 4WD especially if there is water running across the road and tricky access.

SAFETY: Take a first aid kit. Make sure your camping equipment, vehicle and boat are in good working condition. The weather in this part of the country can be very changeable, so bring wet weather gear.

DRINKING WATER: Take your own water supply. If unsure about the quality of the available water from creeks or lakes, boil it for at least five minutes, filter it or treat it chemically before you drink it.

ANIMALS: Where walking tracks are provided, stay on them. Keep away from any wild animals, even seemingly harmless animals like kangaroos or possums. Avoid insect bites and stings.

FIRE: In many parks it is illegal to light a fire and you will need to bring your own gas cooktop.

SWIMMING: Creeks with stones are often extremely slippery and sometimes the creeks will have a swift hidden current especially if there is a waterfall. Please be very careful and watch your step. Supervise your children at all times due to the many risks.

In an emergency call 000 OR from your GSM mobile phone try 112. Consider travelling with a satellite phone if there is not mobile coverage.