Back The North Queensland Rainforest

Our region holds a unique and very special eco system - The Wet Tropics Rainforest. This World Heritage Listed Area stretches from Townsville to Cooktown and covers about 900,000 hectares. However at 0.1% of the countries' land mass it covers only a tiny area but at the same time contains a ridiculously large proportion of Australia's biodiversity within in it's boundaries.

This tropical rainforest ecosystem is one of the most complex on earth. It is an area of natural outstanding beauty and diversity that is not to be missed. You can travel along 600 km (372 miles) of roads through the World Heritage Area, including 40 scenic routes, and choose from over 100 scenic spots to visit. These include features like Queensland's highest peaks, Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker, and Australia's longest single-drop waterfall, the 305 metre (1,000 foot) Wallaman Falls.

There are many day tours that depart year round offering a variety of options to explore this spectacular World Heritage area. From 4WD Safaris to waterfalls safaris, night spotting, birdwatching or rainforest canoeing, there is something for everyone. It is really worthwhile taking a tour as your knowledgable guide will be able to give you a great undertsanding and appreciation of the region.


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