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Come fly with us in Australia’s most reliable flight location, Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands, with over 300 days of sunshine each year. Experience the thrill of a Cairns Hot Air Balloon Co. flight from $229, with champagne breakfaast included and options to package and save with a Skyrail, Kura...

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About Hot Air Ballooning For Cairns

200 years after the first balloon was launched in France, Cairns has become the hot air ballooning capital fo the world. 

As the story goes, on the 19th of September, 1783, 2 French brothers launched a balloon with a sheep, a duck and a rooster as passengers. The paper balloon successfully floated up into the sky and landed safely eight minutes later.

The brothers approached King Louis XVI, the King of France at that time, to see if he would like to see their invention.

Two months after the first launch on the 21st of November, 1783, a hot air balloon was launched in Paris for all to see. On board were two close friends of the brothers. The balloon successfully launched and rose 500 feet (approx 150 m) above the rooftops of Paris, eventually landing a few miles away in some vineyards.

As the hot air balloon landed in the vineyard, local farmers raced towards it with pitchforks, ready to attack this strange object from the sky. To prevent the farmers from destroying the balloon, Pilatre and Francois offered them a bottle of champagne, as thanks for allowing them to land in their field. Today, in memory of that first courageous flight, champagne (or an Australian sparkling wine!) is often drunk after a hot air balloon ride.

In the early 1980's in Cairns Raging Thunder started operating Balloon flights on the Atherton Tablelands near Mareeba. Mareeba has ideal weather conditions for Ballooning.

HOT AIR, a local family business ís the biggest hot air ballooning company in the Southern Hemisphere and departs both Cairns and Port Douglas daily with a range of hot air balloon flights, including Scenic balloon rides, Luxury Balloon rides and Ballooning for groups.

Watching the sunrise over the Aussie bush landscape with kangaroo's and wildlife all around is a great feature of these flights. After your flight the tradition of the glass of champagne is enjoyed by all participants with a hot breakfast.

Not only is Cairns a brilliant spot for Hot Air Ballooning but you will also find that it is also the best value ballooning in Australia.  Make sure you include Hot Air Ballooning in your itinerary!!