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About JUTE Theatre Company

Our Passion

JUTE is a house of ideas and action that exists to fan the fire in the bellies of regional theatre artists. JUTE inspires and supports these artists to create new stories that contribute to our regional identity, our social history and our future possibilities.


About Us

About Us

JUTE came into being in 1992 when three passionate theatre makers living in Cairns met and the creative sparks began to fly.  The three founding members of JUTE are Kathryn Ash, Suellen Maunder and Susan Prince.  JUTE’s first production launched International Womens’ Day in March 1993 at the height of summer in the unairconditioned arts centre (shed!).  The work was fiery, raw and unique in the region… was an instant success!

Our Heart


At JUTE’s heart is text based diverse Australian stories drawn from many regional writers through our development programs. We infuse each of these very individual works with a theatrically compelling integration of text, performance, visual and sound design. We engage highly regarded artists from outside and within the region to populate this work.


Our Audience

All of these elements create fresh, surprising and captivating theatre for our audience, with whom we actively engage to deepen the connection to theatre. These are our public delights.


Our Engine Room

Inside our Theatre Factory - Creative Development for 'Bones' by Madonna Davies

Behind the scenes, JUTE is an engine room of craft and ideas development for the new, emerging and mid career artists who fuel JUTE work.

JUTE stretches out to support and ignite independent practice, adding to the artistic richness and diversity of work created in this region.

JUTE is an avid collaborator and connector, and this drives us into the regional theatre sector nationally to strategically unite, share knowledge and resources, creatively engage and tour collaborative work to new audiences.


Our Drive

Inside the Theatre Factory - Work in progress show & tell night

A big brief, but JUTE is a passionate, dynamic, savvy company and we will not rest until all of our stories have been told, until there is no regional artist needing support and our audience and community need for stories is fully sated. Now that’s a big brief!


For Everyone

For Everyone

Our engagement initiatives create a connection between our regional community and the work we do, providing many access points for us all to come together.

JUTE works non-stop to raise the voltage of creative excellence in our region. We invest in artists and their development through a range of programs in many disciplines within the artform.

News By JUTE Theatre Company

Here we all are. Assembled.. Preview review

Here we all are. Assembled..

By JUTE Theatre Company

29 Sep 2017

"Kathryn Ash's script is sublimely filthy and tender, delicate and disgusting with not only a substantial nod to the Bard and Beckett, but to Douglas Robins (actor) himself. Simona Cosentini and Simone Tesorieri's set is indeed a frightening representation of our current landscape of plastic detritus as we wheeze and gasp our way though mankind's environmental madness clutching onto memories of stuff and their uselessness under Jason Glenwright's haunting illumination. Guy Webster's soundscape is subtle yet a constant presence of the cogs ticking to our own mortality and planetary time bomb and as the winds blow away our importance, one fish scale at a time, ambitiously animated by Craig Wilkinson.

Yet director Matt Scholten has retained at its core, this is a story about a man and his best friend who is dying and their inability to confront the truth, wrapped inside these tremendous apocalyptic metaphors. Enter esteemed actress Barbara Lowing as the 'WORM' who is not afraid to call a spade a 'Shovel' and break this slavish trust.

The actors Natalie Hoskinson-Taylor, Barbara Lowing and Doug Robins have done a remarkable job in bringing the words alive even 'Willy Shakespeare would be proud of. This work crept under my skin and I felt a huge well of sorrow and weight of human's constant folly, but also a delight how theatre continues to move, question and challenge us and perhaps this mirror may move people to act before we all disappear down the proverbial wormhole."

Sue Hayes

JUTE Theatre Company

Look out for the GIANT Jelly Babies standing stalwart at the Centre of Contemporary Arts entrance!

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