Cairns is the heart of the Tropical North and is an excellent base for exploring this region. The Cairns International Airport is a short ride from the city centre. The Cairns Marina & Reef Fleet Terminal is only one block from the city centre and is the departure point for most Great Barrier Reef trips

Cairns PDF Maps & Books

Big Map Of Cairns

The BIG Gateway Map is produced by Gateway Media. The tourist map features Cairns & surrounding region.

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Great Tropical Drive Map

The Great Tropical Drive is a self-drive route that will take you from Cairns or Townsville to some amazing places - less than a few hours away!

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Cairns City Heritage Walk Map

Take a step back in time and discover some of the city's unique heritage buildings.

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Cairns Esplanade Walk

The Cairns waterfront has changed dramatically over the past 150 years. This 1-hour walk along the Cairns Esplanade takes in historic buildings, landmarks and sights that make this city so interesting.

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Cairns Walking & Cycling Circuit

The Cairns Walking and Cycling Circuit takes in the Esplanade lagoon, the foreshore to the Cairns Botanic Gardens, Cairns Central Swamp, along scenic waterways including Lily Creek and Saltwater Creek, and past regional sporting centres.

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Freshwater Heritage Trail

Explore this hamlet with this series of heritage walks. The base route is 1.4km with additional circuits of 1km to 2km in length. Among the sights are the Freshwater Station, Freshwater Primary School and examples of early architecture.

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Stratford Heritage Trail

There are 29 historical sites on the Stratford Heritage Trail. Along the way you will find the oldest marked European grave in the Cairns area.

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Lake Morris

Lake Morris (also known as Copperlode Falls Dam) is 22km from Cairns City. The access road to Lake Morris provides magnificent scenic panoramas along the way.

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Mount Whitfield Conservation Park

The Red, Blue & Green Arrow walking tracks are popular walking (and running) tracks that wind through the Mt Whitfield Conservation Park, located centrally behind the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

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Smithfield Mountain Bike Trails

Smithfield is a name all core mountain bikers know as it is the highest profile rainforest trail system in world. The park features 60 kilometres of trails seamlessly sculpted into its rainforest surrounds, making it the perfect homeground for the 2014 UCI World Cup series.

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Cattana Wetlands

This 80 hectare site, once used for sugar cane farming and sand & gravel mining, has now been transformed into a nature reserve with 30 hectares of significant forest and several large freshwater and saltwater lakes.

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