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A short History of Soft Drink.

08 May 2018

It was Joseph Priestley in 1767 who made the first carbonated water drink.
Based on his discoveries, Johann Schweppes developed a process to manufacture carbonated mineral water, founding the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783.
The drinking of either natural or artificial mineral water was considered a healthy practice and pharmacists began adding flavours like dandelion, sarsaparilla, birch bark and fruit extracts to their counter-top soda fountains.
The Crown Cork Bottle Seal was patented by Baltimore Machine Shop Operator William Painter in 1892.
The Pinnacle Bottle Filler and Capper was designed in Australia to fill bottles using the crown seals.
Here in the Cairns Hinterland Soft drink Manufacturing dates back to the beginnings of Herberton in 1880. There have been a number manufacturers including Channell’s Cordials in Atherton with their distinctive blue labels featuring Millaa Millaa Falls.
These Bottles, as well as Kirks, Schweppes, Coke and many other bottles from through out history, can be found at the #historicvillageherberton. The Histroic Village is a highlight of our Pioneering History Tour and can easily be incorporated into any custom made tour just for you.
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