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About Outer Barrier Reef Scenic Flights

Outer Barrier Reef Scenic Flights

Safety and risk aversion are paramount. 33 years along with tens of thousands of hours flying over the Ocean have taught us many valuable lessons about Safety.  We fly long distances over the Ocean to where we can show you the best of the reef. We strongly recommend MULTI ENGINE aircraft for this task. Multi engine air-craft dramatically reduce the risks associated with Over Water Flights.

Stunning Reef off Cairns

Our planes are air-conditioned, we fly from Cairns airport to the Reef in less than 6 minutes therefore you have lots more time to explore further out to sea.

As one of the longest running Air Charter Business in Australia under one management team we are proud of our impeccable Safety Record.

During our Reef flights there is room to sit back ,put your feet up  and relax knowing you are with Cairns longest running Air Charter Business.


THE FLIGHT: Our 30 minute Reef Scenic Flight is the perfect way for you to gain an appreciation of the immensity of the Great Barrier Reef. During your flight you will see up to 160 kilometers of the Outer Barrier as well as many inner islands, reefs and sand cays.

The beautiful Vlasoff Sand Cay

THE REEF: Australia's Great Barrier Reef is over 2300 kilometers long stretching from Papua New Guinea to Fraser Island in the south east of Queensland. Encompassing over 2900 coral reefs and over 900 sand cays, this natural aquarium is home to some 1500 species of fish, 360 types of hard corals and approximately one third of world's soft corals.


THE ISLANDS: During your Reef Scenic Flight you will fly over Green Island. Green Island is a picturesque coral cay situated 26 kilometers north east of Cairns. At certain times of the year pods of whales are often spotted in the vicinity of Green Island. We also fly over Vlasoff Cay, a sand cay located north of Green Island on the reef. 

Green Island Located off Cairns

THE MARINE LIFE: Marine life spotting is a highlight of our Reef Scenic Flights. Manta Rays, large Green Turtles, Dugong, Sharks and at certain times of the year Whales can clearly be seen from the aircraft

News By Outer Barrier Reef Scenic Flights

Seven's Sunrise flys Daintree Air

Seven's Sunrise flys Daintree Air

By Outer Barrier Reef Scenic Flights

01 Jul 2015

Daintree air was recently chartered by channel 7 to fly them through north QLD for their sunrise morning show.
Video Here

Daintree Air Handles Logistics For David Attenborough

Daintree Air Handles Logistics For David Attenborough

By Outer Barrier Reef Scenic Flights

03 Jan 2015

Daintree Air were recently engaged by David Attenborough and his production team to provide logistics and air support for their recent project in Queensland. The new production is to be aired towards the end of 2016. Photos were restricted throughout the charter, however we did snap a couple of general shots. One staff member, Rob Lattimore spent a unique night on a Queensland Island in the company of David and crew watching Jurassic Park staring his older brother Richard on a make shift projector screen set up on the beach.

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