About Wedding Celebrant Bonnie Harris

Hi I’m Bonnie!
My job revolves around LOVE and its an exhilarating emotion. I travel from Kuranda to coastal and inland venues to perform weddings, baby blessings and farewell life celebrations. When you’re planning a wedding, baby blessing, commitment, or loved ones farewell ceremony. Keep in mind the Cairns region is not just all tropical beaches. The possibilities are endless of where to hold your sacred celebration, whether its bush gardens, Kuranda Riverboat, lookouts, beside a creek, dreamy verandas, rustic sheds or out in wide open spaces in the middle of nowhere..

It’s fun to be involved with dazzling ceremonies that dare to be different, ones that have unique styles a sense of ritual and spiritual value with the ability to include alternative ideas. It’s amazing to see different styles, personalities, creative energies and interesting characters. I feel celebrations from the unpretentious to the majestic are all memorable plus they put zest into our every day lives. Oh the world is simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people.

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